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Myths About Diabetes You Need To Know

Posted by Billy Kanter, CPED on Sep 22, 2022 2:51:07 PM
Billy Kanter, CPED
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Diabetes is a serious health condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It’s also shrouded in misconceptions. Since this is the case, how do you separate fact from fiction? Below is a rundown of our myths about diabetes you should know about. 

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Myth: Diabetics Should Never Consume Sugar

While sugar in copious amounts, like anything else consumed in extreme quantities, can lead to high blood sugar and a hospital visit if you have diabetes, its role in persons with diabetes is more nuanced than that. Instead of looking at the issue as an all-or-nothing obstacle, try to look at sugar consumption in moderation, as directed by your doctor. Regulate your sugar intake and gradually taper off. Your medical professional will guide you on impaired glucose tolerance.

Myth: Being Overweight Causes Diabetes

People of any physical condition or size can have diabetes, although type 2 is more common in overweight people. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that any overweight individual will develop diabetes. The comorbidities associated with diabetes must be taken into account. If you don’t exercise, are stressed out, lack sleep, and don’t follow healthy eating habits, you have a higher chance of developing the condition. Several risk factors include age, race, and genetics. Weight alone as a determining factor is a myth about diabetes that you should learn about on your journey.

Myth: People Diagnosed With Diabetes Always Need Insulin

People with Type 2 diabetes do not always require insulin. Diabetics in some cases may be completely free of any medication or administered insulin. What’s typically recommended by doctors as a good first step is healthy diet, exercise, and in some instances, prescription medications like Metformin and the like.

Myth: Diabetics Can’t Drink Alcohol

Like anything else in the life of a person with diabetes, moderation is key on this point. Ensure that you avoid high sugar concentrations in your drinks, whether alcoholic or nonalcoholic. Of course, don’t overdo your alcohol consumption, or you may have a bigger problem on your hands. As a general rule, any drink with low sugar content is ideal. So certain wines, light beer, and sugar-free cocktails are a go, but traditional beer, sweet wines and cocktails, and cider might land you in hot water.

Myth: There’s Nothing You Can Do About This Condition

Don’t give up. You can do things to manage the condition effectively. Your doctor will guide you on when it might be time for a lifestyle change. Losing weight, eating healthy, exercising, and even wearing the right diabetic shoes will help you no matter which form of diabetes you have.

In short, diabetes is a manageable condition—but only if one has effectively separated fact from fiction. If you’re a person with diabetes, you should get all the information and help you need to lead the healthy life you deserve. This is why we are proud to offer the best diabetic products and accessories at Anodyne!

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