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Document, document, document...

Posted by Billy Kanter, CPED on Jan 21, 2020 8:00:00 AM
Billy Kanter, CPED
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Document, document, document...get paid and stay paid 2020!

Why do we document?

Answer: Good patient care, outcomes, and claim payment.  Thorough documentation also reduces the administrative burden that accompanies appeal.  Even though this subject is covered at every meeting, conference, and lecture we attend, insufficient documentation is still the #1 error reported by the CERT program (Comprehensive Error Rate Testing).

Documenting to support medical necessity is crucial to patient care. One of the consequences of insufficient or improper documentation is loss of financial revenue.  Patient care errors and financial consequences can significantly your practice or facility.

Please review and refresh your DME protocols for documentation for 2020. Let’s cheers to better patient care and fewer financial setbacks! 

The video below provide good review of the elements surrounding the importance of proper documentation. Also, visit Anodyne’s resource center for the most up to date documentation for your Medicare shoe benefit program for Patients with Diabetes.




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