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3 Questions To Ask Yourself Today

Posted by Lindsey Kanter, RDN on Jun 13, 2018 10:55:00 AM
Lindsey Kanter, RDN

3 Questions To Ask Yourself Today (June 13th)


The fit of a shoe can effect an individuals health and well being on multiple levels. If a shoe doesn't fit properly, an individual may experience issues from skin irritation to even joint problems. It is important to note,  there are many opinions and misconceptions when it comes to fitting shoes. Whether you receive advice from your local shoe store or a friend, it may be doing more harm than good.

But not to worry! If you didn’t already know, we have multiple Certified Pedorthist’s at Anodyne and asked them the NUMBER ONE thing most people do wrong when it comes to buying shoes. “The issue is that many individuals are fitting their foot size. We need to shift the focus to foot shape!” Billy mentioned.

Billy Kanter, Certified Pedorthist, provided 3 questions to ask yourself before buying that next pair of Anodyne's you’ve been eyeing up!

1) Is my foot skinny, normal, or wide in width?  

2) Do I have a low or high arch? 

3) Is the front of my foot square or tapered? 

This is the not the only tip Billy mentioned for finding the proper shoe fit. Stay tuned for more information and go-to-guides on finding the perfect pair of shoes for YOUR foot. As always, we love feedback and if there are any specific questions you’re seeking answers to, be sure to contact us.


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