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Tips to Manage Diabetes Over the Holidays

Posted by Lindsey Kanter, RDN on Dec 16, 2019 8:38:06 AM
Lindsey Kanter, RDN
Holiday Socks

For many of us, the holiday celebrations start in November and extend well into the new year. If you slip into bad eating habits, you can do long-term damage to your body, raise your blood sugars and gain weight. It is possible to maintain normal blood sugar levels during this season with a few tips to manage diabetes over the holidays!


Maintain Your Schedule

Even on days off or away from a normal routine, try to wake up, eat, exercise and take your medications around the same time you normally do.


Check Blood Sugar Frequently

If you are taking insulin or diabetes medications that work to lower your blood sugar, make an effort to check your blood sugar more frequently than you normally would. During the holidays, we may be on long road trips, at holiday parties or just indulging more than normal so it is crucial to keep a close eye on blood sugar levels.


Budgets Sweets and Treats

To help decrease the frequency blood sugar spikes, include sweets as part of your carbohydrate budget – not in addition! Many individuals living with diabetes make the mistake of adding sweets to the normal carbohydrate budget instead of incorporating it!

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