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Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief: Tips and Solutions to Keep Moving

Posted by Billy Kanter, CPED on Jan 7, 2016 7:00:00 AM
Billy Kanter, CPED
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Being active is an important part of our everyday lives. Whether it be walking, running, swimming, biking, etc., it’s important to get some exercise. However, the development of Plantar Fasciitis can get in the way of your daily activities and routines. If you experience pain from your feet to your back, then you will want to find supportive materials and actions that allow you to keep moving. Here are a couple tips to stay on top of any potential plantar fasciitis related issues.out_walking_nature_plantar_fasciitis.jpg

Get Arch Support

Plantar Fasciitis begins with the tendon that connects the heel to the toes. The arch that is in between often becomes stretched, especially without the right support. If you have higher arches or flat feet, you may also be more susceptible to pain in your feet as a result. Getting arch support will eliminate the major problem.

Check Your Shoesplantar_fasciitis_pain.jpg

The beginning of foot pain leads to the realization of how plantar fasciitis interferes with your routines. However, it is not only related to the arches of your feet. It is sometimes a temporary problem for those who need to change their shoes. If you have shoes that are worn out or that don’t fit, it can stretch the tendons in your arch. You will want to find a comfortable work shoe or the best walking shoe to change the condition.


Tight tendons and calf muscles lead to problems with your feet. You may experience knee pain as well. This is usually associated with other tendons that have tightened from excess walking or pressure. Stretching and relaxing your calf muscles will help to alleviate plantar fasciitis over time.

With the right materials and approach, you can stop plantar fasciitis from interfering with your lifestyle. Some of these steps are quite easy to implement, but all it takes is a little initiative to make this work. Your feet will thank you!

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