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Patient Reminder Postcard

Posted by Debra Schwartz on Dec 26, 2019 2:00:20 PM

Reduce diabetic foot syndrome (2)

Ensure your patients receive new shoes yearly with an Anodyne reminder postcard! 

There are many aspects of a shoe program that contribute to positive outcomes! It is vital to make sure each patient returns yearly to obtain their new pair of Anodyne shoes. All you have to do is add Anodyne reminder postcards to your dispensing protocol.

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The Protocol:

  • Provide patient with new, fitted shoes.
  • Explain how to take proper care of Anodyne shoes, how to inspect feet daily (using Anodyne mirror inside box) and the importance of reporting any issues patient may have.
  • Provide patient with Anodyne reminder postcard to self-address. This self-addressed postcard should then be placed in a monthly file 2-months prior to the date of dispensing, then be dropped in the mail next year in the beginning of that month. This will allow time to schedule their annual comprehensive diabetic foot exam, requalify and process the necessary paperwork in order to dispense their new pair of Anodyne shoes.
  • Repeat this protocol each year to be sure all patients who qualify are returning for their shoes. This process will help reduce diabetic foot related ulcers and amputations.

Podiatry Supplier Pearl: when the patient calls to schedule their return appointment, remind them they need to visit their MD for a diabetes management exam.

DME Supplier Pearl: Replace the postcard and mail the New “Do You Qualify for Anodyne” pamphlet to the patient to take to their MD for their diabetes management exam and annual foot exam.

For Anodyne Postcards and “Dear Doctor” Pamphlets Call customer service: 1-844-637-4637 or email us at: info@anodyneshoes.com




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