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Eat for your Feet

Posted by Billy Kanter, CPED on Mar 25, 2016 1:18:10 PM
Billy Kanter, CPED
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Eating for your feet sounds like an odd concept. It even sounds weird to say. Nonetheless, it is important to know how your diet can directly affect the health of your feet. In addition to the normal foot-care routine and very comfortable shoes (shameless plug), a healthy diet can do wonders to keep your feet happy and healthy. Take a look at these foods for building healthy skin, durable muscles and ligaments, and strong bones in your feet.



  • Cherries are loaded with antioxidants which help reduce inflammation and relieve muscle soreness.

Cottage Cheese:

  • This cheese is an excellent source of whey protein for building strong muscles.Vegetable_Foot.jpg


  • This tropical fruit is an excellent source of enzymes which help your body repair strained ligaments.


  • This not so renowned fish provides much needed calcium, another vital material for building strong ligaments.


  • There's a reason this leafy green is associated with strength. It is a perfect way to get calcium, which is great for your bones.


  • This fish has omega-3 oils, and is also a potent source of vitamin D, which is great for strengthening bones.

Next time you’re sitting down for a meal, don’t just worry about what’s going to satisfy your stomach, think about what’s going to satisfy your feet as well.

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