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What's inside the Anodyne shoe box?

Posted by Debra Schwartz on Nov 11, 2019 9:00:12 AM

Whats inside your Anodyne shoe box_

What's inside the Anodyne shoe box?

Just as “One shoe can change your life” (Cinderella), one shoe box can help save your foot!  In addition to wearing our shoes, the Anodyne shoe box plays an important role in protecting your feet. 

One of the top foot care tips for individuals with diabetes is to inspect each foot daily, which is made easy using the mirror located on the inside lid of each Anodyne shoe box.  When taking shoes off at night and putting shoes on in the morning, the Anodyne shoe box makes it easy to inspect each foot. Integrating this habit into daily life may save you from many future complications!


  1. Make sure the inside of the shoe is clear of any outside debris.
  2. Inspect the bottom of your feet using the mirror on the inside of the shoe box lid.
  3. Store shoes inside the shoe box to prevent anything from falling into the shoes when not on feet.
  4. inspect each foot before putting on your Anodyne shoes for the day.

So, what’s in the Anodyne shoe box?

Foot protection necessary to maintain an active, healthy and productive lifestyle.



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